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If you have paused your full-time studies at BCIT and wish to resume your program, you can apply for re-admission.

Your re-admission will depend on:

  • Seat availability
  • Length of time since your enrolment
  • Program approval

Step 1: Resolve academic difficulties

If you were withdrawn due to academic difficulty, you may need to complete missed courses or meet certain requirements before returning to your program.

Step 2: Prepare your application

  1. Applications for re-admission are accepted throughout the year.
  2. Prepare your documents: You may need to submit an assessment form or other documents. Check your program’s Program Entry page for requirements.
  3. Have your application fee ready: $90 (domestic) or $154 (international).

Step 3: Submit your application

Apply online using the BCIT Secure Information System:

  1. Log in with your BCIT ID and password.
  2. Follow the instructions to select and apply for re-admission.
  3. Pay the application fee by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Step 4: Check your application status

Once you’ve submitted your application, you can check your application status on myBCIT.

  1. Log in to myBCIT.
  2. Select “Admissions.”
  3. Choose “Check Application Status or Upload More Documents.”

Learn more about your application status

Step 5: Complete or repeat courses

Program requirements may have changed since your last enrolment. Be prepared to repeat courses if the course material has changed or complete new courses that have been added to your program.

Need More Information?

Program Advising

A Program Advisor can help with:

  • program planning
  • application preparation
  • entrance requirements
  • upgrading options
Contact Program Advising