Adam Biship

Adam entered two demanding worlds in September 2007: that of Broadcast Journalism and BCIT after completing high-school on Vancouver Island. When trying to decide what to do with his life, Adam thought of things that he loved, and two things kept coming to mind: people and sports. He decided to direct his future to sports broadcasting.

“Sports has practically been my entire life, whether it’s playing and coaching wheelchair basketball or following my favourite teams. Sports helps me to stay in shape and to travel across the country,” he says.

Besides being a sports enthusiast, Adam is pursuing broadcasting to give something back to the field that has given him so much. He likes the opportunity to positively influence people, much like his favourite broadcaster, Chuck Swirsky, of the Toronto Raptors games.

Adam says that his experience on campus has been great, even though it can be stressful during “crunch time”. He credits great people on campus who have become a family of sorts while he completes his two-year diploma. One of his favourite things about BCIT is the fact that when he graduates he’ll be “job ready” – employers will know that he has the skills needed to be successful in his industry. Adam says that BCIT is definitely challenging, and that his extra efforts will get him ready for the career to come.

Adam’s advice to others who are considering BCIT is to be prepared to work hard: the reason BCIT has such a solid reputation in business and industry is that they train people so well. He says, “ When you’re working through those late evenings and don’t think you can work any harder, dig a little deeper…you’re setting yourself up for the future.”