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BCIT offers students a broad range of educational options including Bachelor of Technology degrees, Diplomas of Technology and Trades & Technical Training. Areas of study include:

  • Business
  • Computing and Academic Studies
  • Construction
  • Health Sciences
  • Manufacturing, Electronics and Industrial Processes
  • Transportation

Full-time day school diploma programs in the technology area are generally two years in length, career oriented and require approximately 24-32 hours of class time per week. Trades training programs can be six months or more in length. BCIT programs also entail heavy demands in terms of class time and homework. Check the web for Programs and Courses for more information on BCIT’s programs.

BCIT also offers a number of educational options through Part-time Studies. Part-time courses and programs are often a good choice for students, and a good way to determine commitment to a course of action.

Adapted programs in secondary school do not necessarily meet BCIT entrance requirements. BCIT also operates on an integrated model and does not offer Adult Special Education programs. Entrance requirements of programs must be met. Any support service that will mitigate the effect of your disability will be provided if you are otherwise qualified and provide supporting documentation in a timely manner.