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Accessibility Services recognizes that attending BCIT can be a time of change for all students – whether from late adolescence to adulthood, or the transition to a new career for a mature student. We respect that students with disabilities face similar challenges to other students plus the additional challenges imposed by disability-related limitations and barriers.

From the Accessibility Services’ model of student empowerment, the student is the person who initiates action to access services and accommodations. We look to the student to express their needs, provide us with the information that will help us to assist them, and to keep in contact with us.

A student should consider registering with us if they:

  • have a documented disability that significantly impacts their post-secondary education
  • had an Individual Education Plan (IEP) in high school
  • are a client of a disability-related vocational program
  • were registered with Accessibility Services at another institution

What does the BCIT student experience look like?

Your student may benefit from knowing what to expect while attending BCIT, whether they are new to post-secondary or just new to our Institute. With your student, visit What to Expect to explore BCIT’s different program options and delivery models, learn how BCIT is different from secondary school, and see what will be expected of a BCIT student registered with Accessibility Services.

How can I support my BCIT student?