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Academic accommodations are put in place to mitigate the functional impact of students with disabilities in the academic settings and to promote access for students with disabilities without compromising the integrity of the learning environment. Accommodations are determined based on identified learning needs and medical documentation.

Academic accommodations

Academic Accommodations are available in the following areas:

  • Classroom
  • Exams
  • Studying
  • Assignments

When students request accommodations, the steps are:

The student:

  • registers with Accessibility Services
  • meets with a Vocational Rehab Specialist
  • submits supporting documentation of their disability

The vocational rehab specialist:

  • assesses for accommodation, based on the individual student’s needs
  • submits an Individual Accommodation Plan for each term to the Associate Dean, the Program Head, and the Program Assistant

The associate dean:

  • advises the student’s instructor(s) of the accommodation plan

Exam accommodations

Individual Accommodation Plan is to be updated EACH term PRIOR to putting exam requests for the current semester.

The student:

  • communicates to the instructor when writing an exam outside the designated exam location and time
  • submits exam invigilation request for each exam to the Accessibility Services’ reception allowing AT LEAST FIVE BUSINESS DAYS prior to the requested exam date
  • provides Accessibility Services with course/exam date/time information and required accommodations for EACH exam

Accessibility services:

  • verifies currency of student’s Individual Accommodation Plan
  • books room/seat for requested exam taking into account students accommodation(s)
  • advises the instructor(s) on received student requests to write the exam at Accessibility Services’ Test Centre or on accommodating the student in the Lab.  Request a copy of the exam(s) and detailed exam instructions
  • discusses with Program area if special arrangements are to be made (e.g. change of the exam date, extra time for writing the exam in a Computer Lab, etc.)

The instructor:

  • provides a copy of the exam to Accessibility Services at least 24 hours prior to the exam time
  • provides specific details regarding the exam, such as:
    • open or closed book exam
    • calculator requirements
    • formula sheets
    • note sheets
    • D2L, share in/out access required
    • any special software if a computer is required
    • exam time
    • use of dictionary
    • use of computer
    • internet access
    • use of D2L

Accessibility Services secures the exam in a locked cabinet

The student:

  • arrives 5 – 10 minutes ahead of the exam time
  • writes exam in a room with video monitoring or an invigilator

Accessibility Services secures the complete exam in a locked cabinet and e-mail, if requested, a copy of the complete exam back to the instructor within 24 hours after its completion

The instructor or designate signs for and picks up the exam or has Accessibility Services staff scan & e-mail the exam back.