Current and Future Students

BCIT is committed to providing assistance to all its full- and part-time students with permanent or temporary disabilities. Examples of assistance may include:

Supporting documentation is required in order for Accessibility Services to recommend accommodations.

You may choose to forward your myBCIT email account to a different email account, like gmail or hotmail.

Future Students

Accommodations will only be provided if there is a clear diagnosis of a disability and will be based on the functional impact of the disability in education settings.

We encourage you to attend one of Accessibility Services' Information Sessions if you are a prospective student who:

If you wish to attend an Accessibility Services' Information Session, please contact us for more information.

To allow adequate time for assessment and implementation of accommodation request, please contact our office preferably at least two months prior to the start of your classes. A delay in notifying the Accessibility Services of a request for accommodations could result in your request not being assessed or implemented in time for the course or program for which accommodation is sought.

Check our Resources page if you're looking for information on funding, sponsorship, career exploration, counselling and student development, etc.

Current Students

If you've just been accepted to one of BCIT programs/course(s), you may be eligible to receive accommodations for your disability. Please follow the step-by-step process to set up a file and arrange for an appointment with one of the Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists (VRS).

For a head start, download the Student Information Form [PDF]. When completed, e-mail to, fax to 604-432-8839, or print and bring to the Accessibility Services in SW01 2360. If you prefer, you can also complete the form in person at the office of Accessibility Services.

If you're returning to continue your program, in order to receive accommodation in Accessibility Services, your Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP) has to be current and updated EVERY TERM. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to set up an appointment for this purpose.

For students who have been approved for exam accommodations, download the Exam Scheduling Request Form [PDF]*, fill out the student portion of this form for EACH exam, and e-mail, fax, or bring to the office of Accessibility Services at least five business days prior to the exam. A delay in notifying Accessibility Services of a request for exam accommodations could result in request not being assessed or implemented in time for the exam for which accommodation is sought.

* NOTE: If you are using Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer, you will be able to fill out the form prior to downloading it. If you are using Firefox, you will need to first open the form with Adobe Acrobat. Firefox instructions

  1. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you do not already have this installed on your computer.
  2. Click on the Exam Scheduling Request Form link [PDF] in Firefox.
  3. Click on the button in the top right corner of the browser window to "Open With Different Viewer".
  4. A pop-up window will open.
  5. Select Adobe Arobat in the dropdown on the pop-up window.
  6. Click on the Open with Adobe Acrobat radio button.
  7. Your PDF will now open in Adobe Acrobat.