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Medical documentation requirements

You are encouraged to ask your regulated health professional(s) to use the BCIT Medical Form [PDF], which focuses on functional limitations and guides doctors in providing the specific information required to determine eligibility and accommodations in a post-secondary setting.

A functional limitation is any restriction to a person’s ability to perform daily activities necessary to participate in post-secondary studies.

All documentation submitted as part of registration with BCIT Accessibility Services should contain information relevant to the development of an academic accommodation plan and include comprehensive information about the functional limitations you experience because of your disability or medical condition; that is, how your disability impacts your ability to manage your program or course requirements. A Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist will review the documentation and discuss with you reasonable accommodations in relation to the BCIT academic standards and the essential requirements of the course and/or program.

Please note

  • You are responsible for paying any doctor’s fees related to the completion of this medical documentation
  • If you have different doctors for different disabling conditions, please have each doctor complete a separate medical document
  • If you have a learning disability, additional medical documentation may be required
  • Accessibility Services does not assess students for a disability

Although you are strongly encouraged to use the BCIT Medical Form [PDF], Accessibility Services can accept a comprehensive report from your regulated health care professional that meets the criteria below.

Not sure what to submit?

If you are unsure of what you need to present to our office, contact Accessibility Services to arrange for a brief consultation meeting.

Additional documentation for learning disabilities

If you have a learning disability, you are required to provide a copy of your current psycho-educational or neuro-psychological assessment, completed by a registered Psychologist or Psychological associate. This assessment must have been completed within the last five years, or at age 18 or older.

An older psycho-educational assessment that clearly outlines the impact of limitation(s) triggered by disability and/or health conditions in a Post-Secondary setting may be accepted for registration purposes while you arrange for an updated assessment.

Documentation must include:

  • verification of disability or medical condition
  • current functional limitation
  • duration, severity, prognosis
  • medication and side effects
  • impact on studies and daily activities.