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Prior to registering with accessibility services

Students who request accommodation through Accessibility Services at BCIT are to provide medical documentation completed by a professional who is a registered health practitioner, qualified to diagnose the condition. Documentation should comment on associated difficulties and functional limitations that may arise while you are engaged in course related work at BCIT. Under the BC Human Rights Code individuals are protected from discrimination based on disability. The collection and review of medical documentation is to verify that a disability exists and accompanying the disability are functional limitations. A diagnosis of a disorder in and of itself does not automatically qualify an individual for accommodations; documentation must also support the related need for accommodations and/or services by stating the functional limitations and impact on studies.

Medical documentation obtained within the last three years is required to request services and/or accommodations through Accessibility Services. We may advise that some aspects of the documentation be updated. Accommodations and services are based on the current impact of the limitation or barrier in a post-secondary setting.


Disability-related information is collected and maintained separately from other academic information. The information provided will be kept strictly confidential within the student’s file at BCIT Accessibility Services office only and does not appear on any official BCIT records, test results, academic transcripts or graduation documentation.

Disclosure of a specific diagnosis is not required to access accommodations, services and support. However, disclosure of a diagnosis or disability type is often useful to the BCIT Accessibility Services Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists who are specifically trained in the provision of disability accommodations to better understand a student’s needs. There are certain circumstances where a diagnosis is required to establish eligibility for certain private (external) and federally or provincially-funded supports and/or services.

What information medical documentation should include

We have developed the BCIT Medical [PDF] form for students to provide to their regulated health professionals that we encourage you to use. This form focuses on functional limitations and guides doctors in providing the specific information required to determine eligibility and accommodations in a post-secondary setting. If you have different Doctors for different disabling conditions, please have each Doctor fill out a separate BCIT Medical Form.

You are encouraged to use the BCIT Medical [PDF] form. Alternatively, Accessibility Services can accept a comprehensive report from your regulated health care professional that meets the following criteria:

  • Has been completed within the past 3 to 5 years;
  • Confirms you have a disability/diagnosed health condition;
  • Provides information regarding your functional impairments (refer to BCIT medical form if unclear and;
  • identifies how your limitations specifically impact your participation in post-secondary studies.

Have a learning disability?

Please note that students with learning disabilities are required to provide a copy of their current psycho-educational or neuro-psychological assessment completed by a registered Psychologist or Psychological associate and must be less than five years old or completed at age 18 or older.

An older psycho-educational assessment that clearly outlines the impact of limitation(s) triggered by disability and/or health conditions in a Post-Secondary setting, may be accepted for registration purposes while the student arranges for an updated assessment.

Documentation must include:

  • verification of disability or medical condition
  • current functional limitation
  • duration, severity, prognosis
  • medication and side effects
  • impact on studies and daily activities.

If you have an interim question(s) regarding medical documentation or are unsure of what you need to present to our office, you can arrange for a brief consultation meeting. Please contact us to check for the consultation schedule.

Please note that Accessibility Services does not assess students for a disability.

Further information can be found in Documentation Specifics.