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Accommodations and services recommended by Accessibility Services are intended to provide equal educational opportunities to all BCIT students.

At the beginning of each term, meet with Accessibility Services to update your Individual Accommodation Plan for your current classes.

Due to the lead time required, students with adaptive technology needs should make arrangements with Accessibility Services four months before classes.  A delay in notifying Accessibility Services of a request for accommodation could result in the request not being assessed or implemented in time for the course of program for which accommodation is sought.

An accommodation may involve:

  • compensatory time added to exam time due to chronic pain that requires periods of rest
  • extended exam time due to medications that impact memory
  • extended exam time due to disabilities that affect processing speed
  • computer written exams for students requiring a spell check function, adaptive software, or the ease of keyboarding
  • a quiet exam room due to difficulties with concentration
  • provision of support services such as sign language or oral interpreters or transcribers, taped lectures, alternate format textbooks, or adaptive technology
  • relocation of classes to an accessible area or reasonable alterations of the physical environment
  • priority seating whether it be at the front of the class, near electrical outlets, near a speaker system, etc.
  • listening systems, such as FM sound system
  • wheelchair accessible tables and computer workstations

Further information can be found in Accommodation Specifics.