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Help us serve you better by contacting us early to establish your educational plan.

Our mandate

The Accessibility Services mandate is to inform and support the BCIT community related to the learning needs of students with disabilities, and contribute to enhancing the quality of their education. Accessibility Services works toward the realization of best practices regarding accommodating students with disabilities through excellence in service delivery.

Quality service standards

Accessibility Services provides excellence in learner support so that students with disabilities can access educational programs and demonstrate knowledge acquired on an equal basis with their non-disabled peers. The goal is to allow students the opportunity to access the labour market and become active participants in the economic life of British Columbia.

We will:
Excellence Focus on student-driven service standards that best meet the needs of our customers with disabilities.
Timelines Acknowledge requests within one business day.
Communications Promote understanding of disability issues within the BCIT community, while maintaining confidentiality.
Responsiveness Problem-solve issues related to educational access in an efficient manner.

Respond to phone calls, e-mail, faxes within two business days.

Accessibility Provide students with equal access to post-secondary education.
Commitment Assist students in any reasonable way to meet your learning needs.