Welcome From the President

Welcome to the British Columbia Institute of Technology. BCIT holds a unique place in the educational landscape here in British Columbia, in Canada, and in the world. I invite you to explore the many career-focused, hands-on educational opportunities within our six schools, and learn more about our applied research activities. Together, our research and training help drive our economy forward.

BCIT students have the option to pursue a variety of degrees, certificates and diplomas. As graduates, the world will be wide open to them, as they take their applied skills directly to the workforce. BCIT grads will never be heard saying, "But it's my first day!" We work with industry to ensure that our training remains on the cutting edge of current practices, and engage our students in the classroom, in the lab, and in the field, building a broad and relevant spectrum of skills. Throughout British Columbia, BCIT graduates are hard at work.

Our applied research helps bring new products to the marketplace, and addresses industry-specific problems. We conduct research and commercialization in the areas of electronics, green roof technology, intelligent grids, canine rehabilitation, natural health products, assistive devices for people with disabilities, to name just a few.

As an Institute of Technology we provide a broad range of applied, hands-on and pragmatic education that is employer-driven, based in technology, and that leads to high quality employment for our grads. It means that we conduct research that addresses commercial needs, and solves problems.
These are exciting times at BCIT. I hope you will join me in discovering what BCIT can mean to you and your future.

Kathy Kinloch