BCIT Awards

BCIT honours staff, alumni, and distinctive individuals through a number of awards programs. These awards, described below, highlight recipients' achievements and contributions to the institute, the community, or their field of expertise.

For information on student awards, see Student Financial Aid and Awards.

Awards of Distinction

Each year at our Convocation ceremonies in February and June, BCIT grants two types of Awards of Distinction:

Nancy McKinstry, 2011 Honorary
Doctorate recipient

The BCIT Tributes Committee invites nominations for these awards. Please click on the links above for more information on the nomination process and our past recipients.

Distinguished Alumni Awards

Each year, BCIT celebrates the excellence and success of its alumni and students making positive impacts in the community.We encourage you to nominate an individual who has shown outstanding leadership and commitment in their field and to BCIT. For more information on how to nominate an individual and to read about past recipients, see the BCIT Alumni Association's awards page.

Employee Excellence Awards

Celebrating Employee Excellence is an annual staff awards program to recognize the many and varied contributions our staff members make to the success of the institute. Administered by Human Resources, the awards include:

Nominations are due in early April. For details, nomination forms, and lists of recipients, visit Employee Excellence Awards.

Service Recognition Awards

BCIT honours employees' service milestones in two ways: