Members of the Board

Sergey Bukhavrov, President of the BCIT Student Association (BCITSA)

Elected: June 1, 2017; term expires May 31, 2018

Sergey Bukharov joined the Board of Governors on June 1, 2017 and holds the position of President of the BCIT Student Association (BCITSA), representing over forty-eight thousand students across five campuses. Sergey also works as a developer in Vancouver's burgeoning tech industry while he pursues a bachelor's degree in Technology at BCIT. He has an interest in politics, technology and entrepreneurship.

Additionally, Sergey sits on BCIT's Education Council, where he serves as a student representative overseeing and approving changes to educational programs at the school. As part of this position, he holds a seat on the Policy Committee, a body responsible for modifying and reviewing policies affecting students and education at BCIT.