Traffic Events

BCIT campuses are occasionally impacted by traffic events which restrict the regular accessibility to the parking lots. In an effort to minimize the delays BCIT provides alternative routes and directions to our commuter community.

Burnaby Campus

Notice: Parking Lot B Closure

As of Wednesday, August 13, 2014 parking lot B in the north east sector of the BCIT Burnaby campus will be partially closed due to a large construction project. This project involves the renewal of significant components within the BCIT electrical power grid.

A large electrical receiving station - the main point of connection between BC Hydro and the campus electrical grid – will be constructed with the expected completion date slated for September, 2015.

170 parking spaces in the north end of lot B will be closed and behind fences for the duration of the project, while 102 parking spaces at the south end of lot B will remain open.

Students can find alternate parking in the remaining spots in lot B, or in lots A, D, F, E G, J, K, L, M, N, O and Q.

Over the duration of this project, portions of Goard Way will also be impacted by construction. Further information will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

This project is central to ensuring BCIT's electrical grid is renewed and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Goard Way Infrastructure Renewal Project

Goard Way houses significant underground utilities connections that service the southern half of the Burnaby Campus. BC Hydro feeder lines run from Willingdon Avenue to the existing receiving stations located on the south side of Goard Way, adjacent to Building SE2. Both the feeder lines and the receiving station are approximately 50 years old and have reached the end of serviceable life.

The primary objective for this project is to replace the main BC Hydro feeder, receiving station, and substations. The secondary objective for this project is renewal of end of serviceable life storm and water services running under Goard Way, parallel with the electrical services.

The project is scheduled from November 2014 to October 2015. During this period project updates will be provided to the BCIT community.

Goard Way Construction Notice [PDF]

Goard Way Delivery Notice [PDF]

Goard Way Emergency Access Notice [PDF]

Construction Schedule

Continuing work:

  1. Work along Goard Way from Willington Ave. to Carey Ave is underway. Temporary fencing is installed, with signange and flag persons clearly indicating safe travel routes.
  2. Work on the new Goard Way Receiving Station in Lot B is continuing, with Lot B closed for parking. Lot A is open for student parking. Final Manhole installation is due to be completed.
  3. Area directly south of SE04 has been closed for new substation preparatory work. Road traffic and access to SE04 is not impacted.
  4. Storm line replacement at the west end of Goard Way is expected to resume.

Upcoming work in April:

  1. Work along Goard Way will extend eastward. Vehicle traffic will be impacted. Temporary fencing has already been installed, with signage and flag persons clearly indicting safe travel routes.
  2. The walkway directly south of the existing Goard Way receiving station (north-east of building SE02) will be closed to allow for investigative works. Temporary fencing will be installed.
  3. BC Hydro will be connecting to the new metering kiosk installed at the corner of Goard Way and Willingdon Ave starting on April 27th. Pedestrian traffic may be impacted along Willingdon Ave. Clear travel routes will be indicated.
  4. As the new Receiving Station in Lot B is nearing completion, landscape work will commence around the building in April.
  5. Delivery and installation of major new electrical equipment at Sub F and in the receiving station will begin, some impact to normal travel routes may be expected, as large delivery trucks will be on -site.

Downtown campus

The City of Vancouver has designated Dunsmuir Street as a designated bike lane route. This designation prohibits motor vehicles making a right hand turn from Dunsmuir to Seymour. Commuters need to plan ahead. A recommended alternative is to turn south off Dunsmuir to West Georgia and then complete your right hand turn onto Seymour Street from West Georgia.

Designated streets permitting south bound traffic are: