Carpool Information


Looking for carpool or vanpool information? Our carpool system provides more flexibility to help you find a carpool or vanpool arrangement, even if your schedule varies. Ride matching is available free to anyone who works at, or attends, the British Columbia Institute of Technology. You decide who to contact, and then make the specific carpool arrangements: cost, times, et cetera.

Consider the price of gas! Sign up to save money, reduce congestion delays, and help out and meet your fellow BCIT Colleagues.

After applying, you will be able to get names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of fellow commuters near you who are interested in carpooling or vanpooling to campus. Simply call the people on your list and make the necessary arrangements.

This program is in place at most universities and colleges across Canada. It's flexible and there's nothing to lose just by signing up.

An alternate success to carpooling is to locate a classmate who lives in your residential area. Share the cost of commuting and parking during your school term.

Getting started

Using the BCIT carpool system is easy. In two minutes, you can be registered and have an alternative ride to one of BCIT's six main campuses. Here's what you do:

  1. Go to the web site
  2. Type your information, which is kept strictly confidential via the Username and Password you set.
  3. Click Save
  4. In the left navigation, click Find a Carpool. Type the Username and Password you created in Step 2, and then click Logon
  5. Click Display Potential Carpool Members. Select your search criteria, and then click Run Report. The first name, last initial, phone number, and email address of other folks who live within three kilometers of the postal code you provided appears.

Already a member?

If you are already a member of the BCIT carpool system, you are ready to go to Step 4 in the procedure above.

The carpool system can be followed on Twitter and Facebook.