Student Recruitment

Our department works closely with the Registrar's Office, Student Services, and the campus community on student recruitment initiatives. For information on the programs below, please contact or, Student Recruitment Strategists.

In-person recruiting activities

Information sessions
At these sessions, prospective students get detailed information from program area staff and faculty. Information sessions are hosted by schools, groups of related programs, or individual programs. Our department supports information sessions by scheduling session dates, times and locations; coordinating room reservations, set-up and audio-visual, advertising, participant registration, and more. Request an information session for your program.

Campus tours
These tours provide prospective students with the opportunity to visit the Burnaby Campus, see applied learning in action, and get a feel for BCIT. Campus tours are offered 2-3 times per week between September and June.

Recruitment events
BCIT hosts three large-scale, institute-wide student recruitment events: BIG Info, Open House, and Part-time Studies Information Sessions. Event planning, logistics, and marketing are coordinated by our department, with input from all BCIT schools and departments.

Education and career fair participation
We coordinate a unified presence for BCIT at off-campus education and career fair events. The coordinated approach to participation reduces market confusion and improves internal efficiencies. Contact us for information on upcoming events and how to participate.

Student for a day
We invite prospective students currently enrolled in Grades 11 or 12 to spend the day at BCIT. As a student for the day, individuals are paired up with a BCIT student enrolled in a participating full-time technology or trades program. The visiting students are exposed to everything from the BCIT lifestyle, to the campus, to the workings of the classroom in a field of their choice.

New student welcome sessions
An opportunity for program areas to connect with newly accepted students who have paid their commitment and tuition fees; and, influence the final decision of accepted students who have to pay their fees. Our department supports these sessions by scheduling dates, times and locations, coordinating room reservations, set-up, audio visual, participant registration, and more.

High school visits for BCIT schools and departments
Through this program, high school students connect with BCIT faculty experts to learn about career options related to the subjects they are studying. Faculty representatives from numerous BCIT trades and technology programs are available to visit classes to provide examples of real world applications and information on career fields related to the subjects being taught.

BC secondary school and adult learning centre visits
BCIT Program Advisors visit high schools and adult learning centres on a planned schedule throughout the year. Our department supports the advisors with resources, including the Viewbook, which outlines BCIT's full-time programs.

Information day for counsellors and teachers
The Program Advising Department hosts a conference for secondary school counsellors and teachers, and community agency representatives once each year. The next conference is Fall 2013. Our department supports Program Advising with information resources for this key group, including a Tool-kit for Counsellors and BCIT Programs poster, to facilitate referring potential students to BCIT.

Online and technology-based recruiting

Student recruitment database
Prospective student information is collected at all recruitment touch points (events, Student Information and Enrolment Services, advising, outreach) and entered into the Banner recruitment module. Those entered into the database are placed on a communication plan to receive one print package of material plus a series of emails related to their interest. The communication plans are designed to cultivate a relationship with our prospective students and guide them through the inquiry > research > application process.

Website content
Student Recruitment Services handles a portion of the analysis, management, and creation of content on Recruitment content is designed to:

Information and resources for educators and influencers is also a priority area, with content development and refinement ongoing.

Social media/networking
Student Recruitment Services is engaged in ongoing development, monitoring, and leveraging of social media and non-traditional communication avenues to engage with prospective students and influencers. Online engagement through these avenues includes promotions of BCIT events and courses, establishing personal connections for prospective students, and engaging in a two-way dialogue with the public.

Media production support
Consultation and assistance is provided for generating Media Production requests, integrating projects into marketing plans, and exploiting the medium to its fullest potential. Acting in a liaison role Student Recruitment Services aims to support school marketing and recruiting goals with early-stage consultation to ensure media requests are timely and well developed.

Student Recruitment Services also oversees the production and implementation of recruiting videos and the presentation for the PSIBC School Visit Program with Program Advising.

Recruitment consultation and support
Consultation and support for marketing activities is provided on an ongoing basis. Student Recruitment Services is available to help identify, plan, and implement integrated recruitment components into strategic marketing plans for schools at BCIT. Consultation and support is available to help identify recruitment opportunities and how to best leverage those to a school’s advantage.