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  1. Gale Virtual Reference Library
    Includes Business Plans Handbook, Encyclopedia of Emerging Markets, Encyclopedia of Global Brands, MarketShare Reporter and the Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health.
    Subject Area: Business, Health, General + Multidisciplinary

  2. GALLOPP : Government and Legislative Libraries Online Publications Portal
    Pprovides access to full text and/or citations to electronic legislative and government publications held in libraries of the Association of Parliamentary Libraries in Canada.
    Subject Area: General + Multidisciplinary, Statistics + Government Publications

  3. General Science Abstracts (1984-)
    Citations to articles from a wide range of scientific journals.
    Subject Area: Sciences

  4. Government of Canada Publications
    Electronic publications of the federal government. Full-text.
    Subject Area: Statistics + Government Publications

  5. GreenFILE (1950-)
    Articles on all aspects of human impact to the environment, includes government documents and reports. Full-text content.
    Subject Area: Environment

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