The Three Paths

Three paths: unlimited opportunities

The Legion Military Skills Conversion Program recognizes that there are multiple ways of approaching a civilian career and not everyone has the same wants, needs, and goals. That's why the program provides up to three paths for its participants:

  1. Path 1: Go to school & get a credential
  2. Path 2: Become an entrepreneur & start a business
  3. Path 3: Get a job
The paths above are not exclusive to each other. Any participant can do one, two, or all three of the program paths at the same or at different times. There are no prerequisites for entrance into the paths except previous military experience and participants can enter and exit at any time.

Path 1: Go to school and get a credential

By examining the knowledge, skills, and abilities you acquired through your military career, BCIT can potentially grant single educational equivalency credits or block advanced placement towards certificate, diploma, and degree programs. Receiving these equivalency credits not only significantly decreases the time you spend in school but also lowers the financial cost of attending post secondary. You can also be confident that the education you receive at BCIT will not only make you civilian job ready, but that your credential will be recognized by professional associations, employers, and other post secondary institutions.

Currently we have several programs that grant advanced or direct entry, many leading to a bachelor degree in as little as two years full time:

* These programs are also available through the part time studies catalogue and may have online delivery options.

These diploma programs ladder into a degree module that give you a Bachelor Degree. This means that at the end of 2 - 3 years of full time schooling you will have two credentials: a diploma  AND a degree. Please contact us to learn more about your part time and distance options.

The following programs are part of an articulation agreement with the Canadian Navy College in Halifax:
Graduates from the Royal Canadian Navy's Common Core Electronics Program are given credit for the Electrical Technician Common Core certificate at BCIT and therefore, direct entry into the above technician programs. However, it is always wise to have any Prior Learning Assessment and Review (PLAR) done with the program well in advance of attending to ensure that your training is up to date and you do not need any upgrading courses. If you have not completed the Common Core Electronics Program with the Navy, but think you have related experience, please contact us.

Educational equivalencies for BCIT programs are developed based on the participant's demand. We have military students pursuing in a wide variety of areas including a Bachelor of Technology in Forensic Investigation - Crime and Intelligence Analysis. Search our web site to find out the different programs BCIT offers and which ones interest you.

    Due to the administrative time line of the academic school year, if you are interested in pursuing a program at BCIT full time we suggest that you contact us before March 1 st of the same calendar year you wish to start. Many BCIT programs have application deadlines in March for the following August / September start. However popular programs may fill up before then, so we recommend that you contact us sooner than later even if it is just for information recce. Part time programs accept students all year round.

    Path 2: Become an entrepreneur and start a business

    If you are interested in starting your own business, Enactus BCIT provides individual assistance and training to develop or refine an existing business plan. As a part of this path you will meet with one or two consultants to make sure the business plan you create accurately reflects your vision, mission, and objective's but is thoroughly marketable and manageable. With Enactus BCIT's help, you can confidently bring your business plan to a local financial institution to get the supply start up capital you need in the form of a micro-loan.

    Each academic year, Enactus BCIT will be offering Legion Lion's Lair once a week for approximately three hours with time allocated for one-on-one mentorship. There are five workshops in total and each week will bring in a new Industry Professional(s) to give you an inside look on what it takes to make business ideas become a reality.

    After the last workshop you will have two and a half weeks to prepare your business case presentation to a panel of industry professionals and BCIT faculty for the chance at winning seed capital. This year we have up to $10,000 in seed capital to award. Your Enactus BCIT mentors will be there to help you prepare.

    If you can't attend the sessions in person we will have a webinar version available. You must have access to a computer with internet and a webcam to do so. In order to be eligible to participate in the presentation for the seed capital awards, you must attend (either virtually or in person) all of the workshops. We do recommend, that if financially possible, you attend the final presentation in person to make your presentation the most effective.

    Please contact us if you would like to receive the application.

    Path 3: Get a job

    The job market is more competitive than ever and it's important to know how to market yourself to stand apart from other applicants. In this path Enactus BCIT will assist participants through a series of workshops or individual consultations to update resumes and cover letters, improve interview and networking skills, and learn tips and tricks about job searching. Enactus BCIT & the Legion Military Skills Conversion Program also provide the Essential Guide to the Civilian Work Force, a PDF workbook designed to help servicemen and women translate their military skills into civilian equivalencies, in addition to teaching them about various interviewing and professional skills. This workbook is available in hard and soft copy (PDF) upon request.

    Since Enacuts BCIT primarily operates during the academic school year, this portion of the program runs primarily through the academic calendar year (September to April) with limited availability in the summer.