Programs of Study

BCIT offers a wide variety of programs for international students, leading to certificates, diplomas, and degrees. Whether you choose to study full-time or part-time, you will receive the same internationally recognized credentials.

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A Few Definitions


Full-time study at BCIT means meeting specific program entrance requirements and receiving an official letter of acceptance. Once accepted, students are automatically enrolled in a set of courses, and no course by course registration is necessary. Full-time programs are offered during the day, between 0830 and 1730 and are of various durations from 8 months (certificates) to 2 years (diplomas) to 4 years (degrees). Programs that start in the fall usually have a summer break between June and September.

Part-time - same credentials; different workload

At BCIT we also offer our credentials in a part-time, course-by-course, workload. To maintain your study permit status you must have program approval and be enrolled in a minimum of 3 courses/9 credits per term. Most part-time courses are offered evenings and/or weekends. Courses are offered 3 times per year, and not all courses are offered each term. Students enrolled in part time programs may be eligible for off-campus work permits.