BCIT Student Health Services is a walk-in medical clinic located on the Burnaby campus in SE 16-127.  BCIT Student Health provides medical services to help students succeed in their educational pursuits and to support faculty and staff in delivering the highest quality education.  Services are provided by a physician or a registered nurse on a walk-in, first come, first serve basis.  Occasionally more urgent cases are moved up the queue.

BCIT Student Health Services provides acute and ongoing care to currently registered students, similar to the services provided by a family doctor.

BCIT Student Health Services will see currently employed BCIT faculty and staff for acute care reasons only, such as an illness or an injury.  Wait time can be expected to be longer between the hours of 12:00 and 2:00 as the clinic is busy with student visits over lunch.  If you can choose another time, it would be appreciated.  BCIT Faculty and staff are expected to follow up with their family doctor for chronic or ongoing medical conditions and preventative health screening.  if you don't have a family doctor, you may check the College of Physicians and Surgeons website at (Find a Physician).

BCIT Student Health Services does not provide services to family members of students or staff or to retired staff.

Quick Facts:

Service Summary

BCIT's Student Health Services meets a wide range of medical and health needs. Some examples of frequently provided services are:



Physiotherapy (Please call 604-522-1828 to book appts)

Psychiatry (registered students only; physician referral required)

Office Staff