UBC/BCIT Interprofessional Education Summit

Thank you for supporting Interprofessional Education at BCIT

The School of Health Sciences (SoHS) at BCIT hosted its first Interprofessional Education (IPE) Summit on June 10, 2010. Developed in partnership with UBC's College of Health Disciplines the event educated and informed BCIT faculty, staff and guests, as well as begin the process of charting the future course of IPE within the School of Health Sciences. The Summit was supported through the participation of the following programs and departments withing BCIT:

Academic Studies Learning and Teaching Centre Nuclear Medicine Technology
Basic Health Science Magnetic Resonance Imaging Nursing
Biomedical Engineering Medical Imaging Degree Prosthetics and Orthotics
Cardiac Science Technology Medical Laboratory Science Radiation Therapy
Laboratory and Allied Health Medical Radiography Technology Specialty Nursing

In particular, the School of Health Sciences would like to thank our UBC support team, led by Lesley Bainbridge and Victoria Wood, and their team of facilitators: Valerie Ball, John Cheng, Carrie DePalma, Donna Drynan, Linda Eccott and Christie Newton. Their tireless efforts and ongoing support made the Summit a success and will help to make IPE within the School of Health Sciences a reality.

A copy of the Summit's agenda as well as the National Interprofessional Competency Framework - Quick Reference Guide are available for review.

For comments and images from the Summit please visit the entry at BCIT Update: School of Health Sciences hosts Interprofessional Education Summit.

The UBC/BCIT IPE Summit summary report is now available!

Compiled by our collaborative partners at UBC, the report covers the content and themes of IPE featured at the Summit and documents the discussions and proposed solutions for the workshop activities. This will be a useful tool for participants of the Summit as well as all SoHS faculty who are curious about IPE and seeking ways to implement IPE into their teaching practice. 

Download your copy here.