Careers in health care start here

An education in health sciences can open the door to a highly-rewarding, challenging, and worthwhile career.

Check out our programs. At the School of Health Sciences, you can choose from a variety of job-specific disciplines – from nursing to biomedical engineering, from public health inspection to diagnostic medical sonography.

Our curriculum is relevant to today's health care world and has been developed by industry professionals with the input of those hiring in the field. Our goal is to prepare you to hit the ground running when you graduate and enter the workforce.

Basic Health Sciences

Basic Health Sciences (BHSC) is the "core" department in the School of Health Sciences. The faculty teach into almost all the programs within the School of Health Sciences providing specialized instruction in Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, Behavioral Science, Microbiology, Immunology, Pharmacology, and Communicable Diseases Control.

Starting out in Health Sciences at BCIT (Part-time studies)

BHSC also offers some part-time, continuing education courses to the general public. These courses allow students to upgrade Biology 12, to write the Biology 12 Challenge Exam, or to take post-secondary Psychology and Microbiology at the 100-level. BCIT students from other disciplines also take Basic Health Sciences courses to fulfill certain program electives:

BHSC 0012 - Biology 12 Challenge Exam

BHSC 0020 - Anatomy and Physiology Challenge Exam

BHSC 0100 - Human Biology

BHSC 1023 - Introduction to Microbiology

PSYC 1101 - Introduction to Psychology 1

PSYC 1102 - Introduction to Psychology 2

Note: BHSC 0012 and BHSC 0100 are two ways to complete Biology 12, which is a prerequisite for many programs within the School of Health Sciences. Students who require a higher grade to meet minimum entrance requirements for our programs may choose to upgrade. Students who completed Biology 12 more than five years ago may need to upgrade or challenge Biology 12 to meet the recency requirement.