Part-Time Funding

Canada student grant and loan

The Canada Student Grant and Loan program is a Federal funded program available to assist students studying on a part-time basis (20-59% course load) in an eligible BCIT program. Eligibility is also determined on the basis of assessed financial need.

Additional information is available from the Ministry of Advance Education on-line at or from the Student Financial Aid & Awards office.

All students taking part-time studies courses must declare a program of study in order to qualify for funding.

Download the Part-Time Studies Application form from our Download Forms web page.

Eligible programs

Below you will find the list of BCIT part-time programs that are eligible and ineligible for Canada Student Grant and Loan funding through StudentAidBC (SABC).

If you cannot locate your program name on either list, contact the SFAA office.

Eligible part-time programs [PDF]
Ineligible part-time programs [PDF]


The Part-Time Studies Application must be completed in ink and submitted to SFAA. No faxed or emailed copies will be accepted.

Please provide the 5-digit CRN (Course Reference Number) when filling out your course information.

Apprenticeship programs do NOT qualify for StudentAidBC funding. Please contact the Apprentice Services office for information on financial assistance.