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Here are a few simple instructions on how to find distance and online courses and programs available at BCIT:

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Find programs of interest

  1. Go to BCIT's advanced program search
  2. Select a Program Category
  3. Click Distance & Online Learning as your Learning Option
  4. Select your preferred Credential
  5. Click Search

Your search results will display program information, including:

Search for individual courses

Many distance & online learning courses may not be part of a formal program or credential, so be sure to search for individual courses in your area of interest:

  1. Go to BCIT's advanced course search.
  2. Select your subject(s) of interest.
  3. Click Distance & Online Learning for your location.
  4. Enter other search criteria, such as the course Number or Title.
  5. Click Search.

You will get a list of courses offered by distance & online learning. Each course is identified by a subject code (four letters and four numbers) and a course reference number (5 digit number). [top]

Display and note detailed course information

Click the course you have selected to display detailed course information. Read the course description and pay particular attention to course dates, the crn number (course reference number), any notes, the course format and prerequisites.


Part-time Studies Courses
Basic Health Sciences
BHSC 7603 - Sectional Anatomy of the Head: Designed for all imaging technologists requiring knowledge of sectional anatomy of the head, neck and cervical spine of the adult. Examines major anatomic features in all three planes. Explores functional and pathologic relationships. Challenge course available. (3 Credits)

Section 1

spring/summer 2006

Section 2
Section 3

Select the appropriate section

In the course information example shown above, you'll see that three sections of BHSC 7603 were available (remember to register early, as all three sections of this course have filled quickly!).

Section 1 is identified as a distance course (DIS) in a guided learning format (a tutor or instructor guides the learner through course material).

Section 2 is a course available for course extension only.

Section 3 is a section available for those students who want to challenge the course and receive recognition for prior learning. Note that departmental approval is required for Section 3; the description provides a contact number for approval requests by prospective students.

Important: each course may have a number of sections, and prices may differ; when registering select the appropriate section for the course.

A summary of common course codes is provided below:

Register and order course materials

View the Register for a course instructions or proceed directly to the BCIT registration site.

Following your registration, be sure to contact the BCIT Bookstore to check if any materials or textbooks are required for your course. Shop online or in-person at the Burnaby campus. [top]

Other sources of program and course information

The BCIT Part-time Studies flyer is a print publication that will also have information on BCIT distance & online learning courses. [top]