Forensic Video and Surveillance Technology Laboratory

British Columbia's Institute of Technology (BCIT) is home to the Forensic Video Analysis and Research laboratory. Along with our forensic research and training initiatives, we also offer a diverse range of forensic services. As experts in the field of forensic video analysis, we assist in investigations and cases were the forensic examination of recorded video, audio, images, and other forms of multimedia evidence is required.

Our facilities provide a wide range of amenities, including:

All casework is done in-house at our secure lab facility with complete confidentiality by a former RCMP forensic specialist. Our clients include law enforcement, corporate security firms, private investigators, legal professionals, and private citizens. With our technology and expertise we are capable of:

In addition, we are responsible for the development and delivery of educational courses within the field of forensic imaging, forensic video analysis, and mobile phone forensics offered at both the Burnaby and Downtown Vancouver BCIT campuses.