School of Business Programs

Bachelor Degree | Accounting
Diploma | Accounting
Diploma | Finance
Diploma | Financial Planning
Diploma | General Insurance and Risk Management
Diploma | Financial Management
Advanced Certificate | Financial Analyst
Certificate | Financial Management - Finance
Certificate | Financial Management - Professional Accounting
Associate Certificate | Computerized Accounting
Associate Certificate | Financial Planning

Part-time Courses in Accounting, Finance, and Insurance
Diploma | Broadcast and Online Journalism
Diploma | Radio Arts and Entertainment
Diploma | Television and Video Production
Certificate | Broadcast Journalism
Certificate | Radio
Certificate | Television
Associate Certificate | Video Production and Editing
Statement of Completion | The Backpack Video Journalist
Statement of Completion | Citizen Journalism
Statement of Completion | Advanced Citizen Journalism
Statement of Completion | Entertainment Media Performance
Statement of Completion | Advanced Entertainment Media Performance
Statement of Completion | Sports Media Performance
Statement of Completion | Advanced Sports Media Performance
Statement of Completion | Essentials of Website Storytelling
Statement of Completion | Advanced Website Storytelling
Statement of Completion | Cross-Platform Storytelling & Content Marketing

Part-time Courses in Broadcast & Media Communications
Graduate Certificate | Business Administration
Bachelor Degree | Business Administration
Advanced Diploma | Business Management
Diploma | Business Management
Diploma | Business Management (Advanced Placement-Former Post Diploma)
Diploma | Business Administration - General
Diploma | Business Administration - Global Studies
Diploma | Business Administration - Human Resources
Diploma | Business Administration - Management
Diploma | Business Administration - Marketing
Diploma | Human Resource Management
Diploma | Human Resource Management (Advanced Placement)
Advanced Certificate | Sustainable Business Leadership
Certificate | Advanced Business Management
Certificate | Advanced Human Resource Management
Certificate | Global Business Studies
Certificate | Business Management
Certificate | Human Resource Management
Associate Certificate | Business Essentials
Associate Certificate | Business Management Studies
Associate Certificate | E-Commerce
Associate Certificate | Leadership
Associate Certificate | Medical Office Assistant
Statement of Completion | Human Resource Management
Statement of Completion | Leadership
Statement of Completion | Management Skills in Communication and Negotiation
Statement of Completion | Small Business Management

Part-time Courses in Business Administration & Human Resource
Diploma | Digital Design and Development
Diploma | Graphic Communications Technology Management
Certificate | New Media Design and Web Development
Certificate | Communication Design Essentials
Certificate | 3D Modeling, Art, and Animation
Certificate | Media Techniques and Marketing Communications
Certificate | Media Techniques for Business
Certificate | Web Technologies
Associate Certificate | Graphic Design
Associate Certificate | Mobile App Tools
Associate Certificate | Web Technologies

Part-time Courses in Digital Arts & Web Development
Diploma | Entrepreneurship
Diploma | Marketing Communications
Diploma | Professional Real Estate
Diploma | Professional Sales
Diploma | Tourism Management
Diploma | Business Administration - Marketing
Certificate | Advanced Marketing Management
Certificate | Marketing Communications
Certificate | Marketing Management
Certificate | Professional Sales
Certificate | Sustainable Event Management
Certificate | Tourism Management
Associate Certificate | Customer Relationship Marketing
Associate Certificate | Entrepreneurship
Associate Certificate | Event Marketing
Associate Certificate | Fundraising Management
Associate Certificate | Marketing Communications
Associate Certificate | Nonprofit Management
Associate Certificate | Public Relations
Associate Certificate | Retail Marketing Management
Associate Certificate | Sales Skills
Associate Certificate | Tourism Management
Statement of Completion | Branding
Statement of Completion | Business Analytics
Statement of Completion | Social Media and Online Marketing

Part-time Courses in Marketing, Sales, and Tourism
Diploma | Business Information Technology Management
Diploma | Business Operations Management
Diploma | International Business Management
Diploma | International Business - Global Supply Chain
Certificate | Facilities Management
Certificate | Industrial Engineering
Certificate | International Trade and Transportation Logistics
Certificate | Management Engineering
Certificate | Materials Management
Certificate | Quality Management
Associate Certificate | Lean Six Sigma Principles
Associate Certificate | Project Management

Part-time Courses in Operations Management & Project Management