Incoming Students

Thank you for considering BCIT for your semester exchange! As a BCIT International Exchange Program student you will have many opportunities to learn the latest best practices from instructors who are professionals in their industries, as well as explore the beautiful area that is greater Vancouver. Many great local attractions are within a 30 minute bus ride from our Burnaby campus including downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park, Kitsilano and its many beaches, Telus World of Science, Playland at the PNE, and Rogers Arena just to name a few.

Below you'll find all the information you need to know to apply for your exchange at BCIT including available courses, ECTS credits transfer, and the necessary forms that you need to fill out.

BCIT School of Business Courses

BCIT's School of Business offers a wide variety of courses that employers recognize as being current in industry trends and knowledge. As an exchange program student you will be can enroll in courses from one of the following diploma programs:

Please note that you will need to choose courses that are in the correct level according to the term you will be visiting. Fall terms (September to December) are Level 1 or 3, while Winter/Spring terms (January to May) are Level 2. Level 3  courses may have prerequisites so please read the course descriptions when considering courses from those levels.

When choosing appropriate courses, please contact the International Programs Coordinator for assistance. Svitlana will help you find the courses that best meet your academic needs and scheduling constrictions.

ECTS Credits Transfer

Our student workload system is based on a credit point system determined by the number of instructional hours. For example, a 3.0 credit course counts for approximately 36 hours of instruction. During your semester at BCIT, you are required to take at least 15.0 credits of courses (i.e. 180 hours). Most classes offered are 3.0 or 4.0 credit courses, but some 10 week courses offered in the Winter/Spring semester are worth 2.0 or 2.5 credits per course.

Applications and Arrival Forms

If you're interested in attending BCIT download and check out our Information for Prospective Students brochure [PDF]. This brochure will tell you all you need to  know about studying at BCIT, Vancouver and the surrounding areas, and important information you need to apply. Once your school has approved your nomination to apply, fill out and send in your application form. You can request this from your home institution or from the International Exchange team. We will be happy to help you and your home institution through out the application and course selection process.

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