Student Experiences

Are you considering our International Exchange program either as an incoming or outgoing student? To help you with your decision making, we asked former exchange students to share their experiences, tips, and photos with us. Below you will find experiences from international exchange students who have visited BCIT and BCIT students who have gone to our partner institutions.

Previous Incoming Students

  Mianda G. from Denmark
"I have to say that I have never been as happy as I was when I decided to study at BCIT."

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  Anna A. from Austria
"It was a challenging but awesome experience... BCIT as a school offers you a huge variety of courses and opportunities to grow."

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  Nieke K. from Holland
"I will never forget it...the people were so friendly, open and nice, we had much fun together."

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  Adi M. from Austria
"It was one of the best decisions in my life time... I can recommend everyone to go to BCIT."

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Previous Outgoing Students

  Jennifer W. - Steyr, Austria
"Everything is great so far. I am happy, learning lots, and staying healthy!"

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  Sabina S. - Barcelona, Spain
"It is an amazing opportunity to truly experience the culture of the country, as well as cultures from all over the world."

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  Lance P. - Berlin, Germany
"The best thing about living in Berlin is that you can never run out of fun things to do."

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  Tetyana Y. - Barcelona, Spain
"You will honestly have the greatest time of your life. You will grow as an individual and build a lot of character."

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  Poonam B. - Steyr, Austria
"It is an amazing opportunity to meet people from around the world and learn about other cultures."

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  Hilary W. - Paris, France
"It is incredible to experience another culture. It opens your eyes to the world and makes you appreciate your own culture."

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