School of Business International Education

The international programs offered by the BCIT School of Business help domestic and foreign students and faculty gain a global perspective by incorporating first-hand knowledge of the larger world. They gain specific knowledge of the economy, culture, government, and everyday life of the country where they study or teach.

Globalization is key in today’s business world. Tomorrow’s leaders will be expected to speak multiple languages, work in foreign countries, and bridge cultural differences to achieve social, economic, and political objectives. The international programs available through the School of Business help students and faculty take the first step on the path to becoming global citizens.

In addition to working with partner institutions to provide study abroad options in a variety of countries including Italy, Austria, Finland, England, and more, the BCIT School of Business hosts a Summer Field School each year. The field school program enriches the academic experience and provides professional development opportunities for BCIT faculty and staff. Receive credits for academic courses, learn about European business practices by visiting international companies, and ultimately, be fully immersed in the culture by means of guided tours, activities, sports, interaction with local people, and other events.

"You will honestly have the greatest time of your life. You will grow as an individual and build a lot of character."
 ~ Tetyana on exchange in Barcelona, Spain

The knowledge and exposure to the world that I've gained in the BCIT summer study tour was truly a life changing experience.  The immersive and intense nature of the program allowed me to see a large cross section of people, cultures and nations.
~ Spencer on the Italy & Austria Field School