Is the business world calling to you?  Do you want to develop skills that will give you a powerful toolbox for working in various business environments?

The Financial Management department within BCIT's School of Business offers Part-time Studies courses (Financial PTS) that provide you with an opportunity to advance in your current position or to gain an understanding of the financial industry in preparation for a career change.

Our Part-time Studies courses are offered on an individual (upgrading) or program basis with credit earned being accepted towards a specific Financial Management credential or a professional designation. Study Financial PTS for solid career opportunities.


Professional Designations

Course Formats

Classroom-based Courses

Our classroom based courses are offered during three semesters in the calendar year (January – April, April – June/August, and September – December).  The format of these courses typically calls for you to attend class one night a week, for three to four hours over 12 to 15 weeks.  We also offer weekend courses and accelerated courses that call you to attend class two or more times a week over a three to nine week period.

Online Courses

Our online-based courses also follow the semester system (with a set starting and ending date) and allows you to study in a virtual classroom over the Web. This environment enables you to interact with other students as well as the instructor.

Correspondence Courses

Our correspondence courses can be studied at anytime throughout the year as you have 30 weeks from the time of registration to complete the program requirements.  During your period of study you also have access to an instructor to help assist you.