BCIT Broadcast & Digital Storytelling

BCIT Broadcast and Media Communications programs have been starting careers off on the right foot for over four decades now. More than 200 radio voices and television personalities in the Greater Vancouver area got their start with Broadcast training at BCIT.

Many more of our 2,700+ grads work in radio, television & video production, film, and audio and video production houses, as well as media relations throughout British Columbia, across Canada, and around the world.

Broadcast and Online Journalism
The BCIT Broadcast and Online Journalism program prepares students for a media career as a reporter, producer, and online journalist for radio, TV, and the web.
Radio Arts and Entertainment
The BCIT Radio Arts and Entertainment program prepares students for a career in media behind the scenes or in front of a microphone or camera.
Television and Video Production
The BCIT Television and Video Production program prepares students to use HD technology to create media content for digital filmmaking, television & video, live events, and sports.
Broadcast Journalism
In the Broadcast Journalism program you'll learn to interview people, write for broadcast, and edit news articles. You'll write and report on news for print, online, and television audiences.
This program will teach the ins and outs of working and operating a radio station and how to develop your voice for news announcing and play-by-play sports broadcasting.
The Television program is designed for those interested in working behind the scenes and plan video productions, use editing software, and camera shooting techniques.
Video Production and Editing*NEW*
Associate Certificate
The Video Production and Editing program enables graduates to shoot and edit video projects at a professional level to stand out in a cluttered social media world.
The Backpack Video Journalist
Statement of Completion
Take your strong writing skills and augment them with visual storytelling, so you can repurpose your content in multiple formats and learn to storyboard, shoot, and edit your stories.
Citizen Journalism
Statement of Completion
News organizations and websites are increasingly sourcing news stories from citizens. Learn to tell compelling and visual news stories that stand out among media messages.
Advanced Citizen Journalism
Statement of Completion
Building on the Citizen Journalism program, you will develop skills in advanced research, story development, professional interviewing, and distributing your stories.
Entertainment Media Performance
Statement of Completion
Learn the essential skills needed to effectively write and perform an entertainment story in the media. Get your message out in style to break through the information clutter.
Advanced Entertainment Media Performance
Statement of Completion
Take your vocal and personal performance skills to the next level, as you learn the casting process, the role of a talent agency, and securing representation.
Sports Media Performance
Statement of Completion
This program will help you develop skills in telling any story with a sports perspective. Learn to conduct interviews with athletes and report on sport stories.
Advanced Sports Media Performance
Statement of Completion
You will develop skills in investigative reporting to dig deeper into your sports related stories and you'll further develop your vocal and performance skills.
Essentials of Website Storytelling
Statement of Completion
Take your website to the next level by making it more interactive, engaging, and multi-dimensional. Learn how to edit and manipulate photos and record and mix audio.
Advanced Website Storytelling
Statement of Completion
Build your online presence by creating professionally produced stories using video. Learn how to set up camera, lighting, and audio equipment for a one-person video shoot.
Cross-Platform Storytelling & Content Marketing
Statement of Completion
Find your voice in the digital space and learn to use digital and social media tools, how to create a social media campaign, and build an online community.