Sponsored Students

What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship refers to a company or agency that agrees to be invoiced for the cost of course materials and/or supplies for a student's course.
BCIT Bookstore is not currently accepting new sponsoring companies or agencies.

Payment by credit card

If you are paying by credit card it is not a sponsorship, as you will not be invoiced. Please go to the BCIT Bookstore homepage and order the books online using your credit card. Instructions on how to order online.

Mandatory forms

To order course materials for a student and have the sponsoring company/agency invoiced for the cost of the course materials and/or supplies, please submit the following two mandatory forms:
Completed sponsorship requests from existing sponsoring agencies can be sent by:
Fax: 604-432-7923
Email: E-mail: bookstore@bcit.ca
Mail: BCIT Bookstore 3700 Willingdon Avenue Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2

BCIT will only process sponsorships that are completed in full. BCIT Bookstore will mail an invoice to the sponsoring company/agency. Once received, invoice payment can be made by credit card, cheque or electronic funds transfer payable to the BCIT Bookstore. BCIT payment terms for sponsorship invoices are net 30 days.

If you have any questions regarding the sponsorship process, please contact the BCIT Bookstore at 604-432-8379 or 877-333-8379 or E-mail: bookstore@bcit.ca