Research Policies and Procedures

BCIT conducts grant-funded and industry-sponsored applied research and development focused on solving industry’s challenges. BCIT researchers create practical applied research solutions that can be transformed immediately into commercially relevant products, services and applications. Applied research also provides students with practical learning opportunities, and produces outcomes that further economic success and employment opportunities.

BCIT's research-related policies and procedures are published here to provide a reference for students, employees, the general public and industry members of the BCIT community. All enquiries about research-related policies and their application should be addressed to the Applied Research Liaison Office (ARLO).

Research Process

Offices and Committees that Support Research

Federal Research Funding Agencies

Financial Aspects of Sponsored Research Projects

Conflict of Interest

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Health and Safety

Research Ethics

Note: Any applied research activity involving human subjects carried out by a person connected with the Institute must be reviewed and approved by the Research Ethics Review Board before work is started.