Nick Langford

Nick Langford

Nick Langford loves his work. His company, Nick Langford Construction Ltd., builds custom dream homes in the Gulf Islands.

Nick has been a contractor for fifteen years and still finds the challenge of a new home project exciting. One couple that wanted to build their dream home on Saltspring Island called upon Nick because of his reputation for high quality workmanship. They had everything lined up to construct their dream straw-bale home, except for one critical ingredient -- straw.

Construction was set to start in 2003, the same year Alberta's drought made headlines. As a result, straw was a scarce commodity. After a search, they came up with an interesting alternative - 2,000 bales of hemp. Although its tough fibers proved to be challenging to work with, hemp holds up to moisture and varying climates better than straw.

Nick prides himself in providing top customer service, whether it's dealing with challenging building materials or meeting the high demands of a client.

"If I had dreamt of a job, this is it," says Nick about his career choice. "Building homes is the easy part. It's about the service that we provide in helping people fulfill a lifelong dream of building a custom home, their dream home. The work is exciting, challenging and varied."

Nick credits much of his success to his BCIT education in Carpentry and Building Technology, where he majored in Architecture. He won an Architectural Institute of BC award while still a student.

"The faculty was the best I've ever experienced," says Nick. "They were highly qualified teachers who really cared for their students."

Beyond understanding the "how" of building, he credits BCIT with teaching him the "why" behind it, thereby allowing him to jump-start his career.

"If you want a fulfilling career, education makes it so much more possible," says Nick. "BCIT is hard work, but certainly worth it."

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