BCIT's Guiding Statements


BCIT: Integral to the economic, social, and environmental prosperity of British Columbia.


The mission of BCIT is to serve the success of learners and employers:


BCIT’s foundation is comprised of certificates, diplomas and degrees – the entry-to-practice credentials that lead to rewarding careers. These are enhanced by programs and courses that are coordinated with career development and growth of the practitioner, and include industry services, advanced studies and continuing education.

BCIT offers experiential and contextual teaching and learning with the interdisciplinary experiences that model the evolving work environment.

BCIT conducts applied research to enhance the learner experience and advance the state-of-practice.

BCIT exercises its provincial mandate by collaborating with the post-secondary system and employers in activities that improve learner access and success.

Commitments to our Stakeholders

BCIT is committed to:

Commitments to Ourselves

BCIT is committed to: